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  • Best Souvenirs from San Miguel de Allende

    So what could be a perfect must-bring item from here? Dearsouvenir.com offers you a fine selection of products and places - all typical, local and memorable.

    • Feb 2017
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  • La Mesa Grande



    Our favorite coffee shop in San Miguel. Stop by on your souvenir stroll.

  • Casa Michoacana


    Art Gallery

    If you are after some upmarket version of local art you might find some exquisite pieces here.

  • colors


    Arts & Crafts

    Go visit Lee Carter and get to know a lot of facts and stories behind his many pieces of local art.

  • Abrazos featuring San Miguel Designs



    Okay this place might be a bid too rustic for our taste but check out yourself. All products are made in Mexico. We liked the luggage tags.

  • Camino Silvestre


    Gift Shop

    We had a nice time browsing through this cute gift shop. Check out their sweet humming birds. You will definetely find some bring-home items here!

  • Fábrica de La Aurora


    Art Gallery

    This huge art space is worth a cab ride (15 minutes) for a nice afternoon. You will find lots of open art studios and even might a talk with some artists.

  • El Petit Four



    Don't miss this one. You'll get the best cakes and cookies here. Perfect stop in the afternoon.

  • The Restaurant


    Latin American

    A fine place to have dinner in San Miguel. Our Dearsouvenir recommendation: Check out the design room called Casa Acanto which is right next to the reaturant.

  • Recreo San Miguel



    We fell in love with this exquisite boutique. If you ever thought about buying a contemporary mexican poncho this is the place.

  • Mercado de Artesanías


    Arts & Crafts

    Artesania markets in Mexico - what can we say - it's always a pleasure to spend some time browsing for little gifts and have a coffee in this nice courtyard.

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