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  • Exploring Oerlikon

    Welcome to Swissôtel Oerlikon. We hope you'll have a chance to explore the neighbourhood during your stay. This Vitality Guide suggests attractive sites nearby.

    • Feb 2017
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  • Swissôtel Zurich



    Start your Vitality Walk at the front door of your home in Zurich, conveniently located next to the train station in Oerlikon and a few minutes from the airport

  • Marktplatz


    Farmer's Market

    The largest farmer's market in town is open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Here you'll find fresh fruits, cheeses, and other delights. 1 min.

  • MFO-Park



    Built on the grounds of a former engine factory, the park's intricate network of plant-covered trellises won the European Garden Award for innovation. 5 min.

  • Traugott Wahlen Park



    In addition to large lawns for playing fields, the park holds a grove of linden trees, a shallow pool, and glass benches that glow blue at night. 9 min.

  • Oerlikerpark



    A tall observation tower highlights this new city park. Four recent Oerlikon parks are shining examples of how to renovate formerly industrial regions. 10 min.

  • Hallenstadion


    Event Space

    This giant multi-purpose stadium hosts the biggest music stars in the world. But it's even more renowned for ice hockey, indoor cycling, and tennis. 10 min.

  • Offene Rennbahn


    Other Outdoors

    Built in 1912, this velodrome may be the oldest still-standing sports facility in Switzerland and world's first pre-stressed concrete structure. 10 min.

  • Louis-Häfliger Park


    Outdoors & Recreation

    This tiny urban space erases boundaries between parks, industry, and residential areas. Playgrounds invite your children, while pyramids tease adults. 15 min.

  • SRF Studio 1



    Experience how TV shows are produced at the studios of the national television broadcaster SRF. Guided tours can be booked via your concierge. 21 min.

  • swissôtel spa and sport facilities

    Welcome to the highest pool in Zurich, where you can experience the best sunrise and sunset. The pool is on the 32nd floor, where you'll also find a whirlpool, bio sauna, steamboat, treatment room (have a massage), and a state of the art gym.

  • History of Oerlikon

    Oerlikon traces back at least to 946, when the village was first mentioned in print. It grew slowly until 1855, when the railway arrived connecting Germany with Zurich. The town industrialized rapidly, and in 1934 merged with Zurich. As offices replaced industry in recent decades, many new parks have been added.

  • Make your own Vitality Guide

    Your hosts at Swissôtel have compiled this collection of local attractions. We'd love to get your feedback. Did you visit these places? Any recommendations? Do you prefer others? Please consider creating your own guide. We'd be delighted to share it in the Swissôtel Vitality Guide Collections. VitalityGuides@gmail.com

  • Tips on Directions

    For directions, click on the folded map icon in the lower left of each destination. Type or copy "Swissotel Oerlikon" for the starting point, then click the walking man icon for some options on getting there. Please ask the hotel concierge for the most interesting walks. Times in posts are walking from Swissotel.

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