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  • Dad's Solo Thursday in SF.

    Hey, Dad. I'll be off work around 5PM. Here's a few places I think you'll like. Don't forget lunch at 1pm. Call me if you need anything. See you for lunch! x

    • Jan 2014
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  • Note

    If you feel like going for a drive, the keys are in the draw next to the kitchen sink. Text me and I'll send you the code to get in and out of the garage.

  • Note

    Before you leave, download the Uber app on your iphone. If you get lost, you can just hop in a cab.

  • Clarion Alley


    Public Art

    Great spot just around the corner from the apartment. Bring your camera, it's worth shooting. Early morning light should be nice.

  • Tartine Bakery



    Coffee starts at 8am. No need to wait in line, walk straight back to the coffee bar, bring cash.

  • Mission Dolores Park



    Walk up to the upper left corner of the park, there's a bench. That's where I take the morning photos of the park that I send to you.

  • Borderlands Cafe



    If you feel like reading a little, stop here. Lovely people, and an excellent magazine rack all free to read as long as you dont damage them. wifi too.

  • Samovar Tea Lounge


    Tea Room

    Since you've been on a tea kick, let's have lunch here. Take BART from Mission & 16, get off at Montgomery stop. Will be about a 10 min walk. 1pm, don't forget!

  • Contemporary Jewish Museum



    MoMA is closed for renovation, but you'll enjoy this too. It's just across from Yerba Buena, where we're having lunch.

  • Ferry Building (Ferry Building Marketplace)


    Farmer's Market

    The ferry building will be busy for the Thursday market, so should be worth checking out. Inside is Far West Fungi, the place I was telling you about.

  • Note

    By the time you finish up at the Ferry Building, I should be about ready to leave work. I'll come out and meet you at the Blue Bottle *inside the ferry building at around 5PM. Call if things change.

Moka Pantages

Moka Pantages