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  • Two Weeks Of Museum Visits

    one for each day of a two-week stay in copenhagen and its surroundings, north, west and south. and yet, there are so many more than can't be listed here.

    • Mar 2018
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  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


    Art Museum

    the most important art + cultural institution in denmark. one of my favorite places in the world, as noted in my other guides. the museum shop is also great.

  • Ordrupgaard


    Art Museum

    pastoral settings, located outside of copenhagen, but worth the visit to see a modest collection of 19th and 20th century art plus zaha hadid's tiny annex.

  • Den Frie Udstillingsbygning


    Art Gallery

    created as a danish response to the parisian salon des refusés, den frie continues to work with a number of innovative, provocative artists. hit and miss.

  • Den Hirschsprungske Samling


    Art Gallery

    private collection of danish art, includes important work from danish golden age as well as from the skagen painters, including ancher, hammershøi and krøyer.

  • Statens Museum for Kunst - SMK


    Art Museum

    largest art museum in the country. lovely but a bit of a mess, really. many works from danish golden age. favorite feature is the modern annex (in the back).

  • Arbejdermuseet


    History Museum

    a museum to represent denmark's working class - who organized a century ago to play a very important role in how danish modern society looks and feels today.

  • Davids Samling


    Art Museum

    one of the few places in town to experience art from the islamic world. also has examples of early modern art from europe.

  • Designmuseum Danmark


    Art Museum

    formerly known as the museum of decorative arts and industrial design. makes for a good companion experience to the dansk design center. wonderful garden.

  • Kunsthal Charlottenborg


    Art Gallery

    beautiful exhibition spaces for contemporary art, with particular focus on up and coming talent, both danish and international. student shows offer promise.

  • Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand


    Art Gallery

    always chaotic and surprisingly disorganized, but i think they have good taste - hit and miss as it may be. their shows are really different than other venues.

  • Thorvaldsens Museum



    a gem that houses the life’s work of sculptor beret thorvaldsen, along with his collections of artworks and objects from greek, roman and egyptian antiquity.

  • Nationalmuseet


    History Museum

    the national museum bittersweetly features some of the murals made for christiania, now preserved here, including two by my friend's mother, marianne rydvald.

  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


    Art Museum

    specializes in 19th century as well as impressionist art. here you'll encounter manet, monet, degas, gaugin, van gogh, cézanne, picasso and rodin. great café.

  • Dansk Jødisk Museum



    the danish jewish museum. modest, stark yet inviting, housed in the former royal boat house, with annex that transforms it, as designed by daniel libeskind.

  • Dansk Design Center



    this is where you'll see the design of arne jacobsen and klint, of course. there's focus on print and fashion as well, and international exhibits.

  • Arken Museum of Modern Art


    Art Museum

    arken is one of the problem childs of danish culture, like a misbehaving sibling that routinely comes up short. some ambitious shows succeed. mostly worth it.

Christian Svanes Kolding

Christian Svanes Kolding