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  • Summer Weekends In Summer Towns: Amagansett and Montauk.

    no point in listing the beaches, the parks or mentioning the surf or stand-up paddle boarding. instead here's info on where to indulge and find inspiration.

    • Sep 2017
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  • Parrish Art Museum


    Art Museum

    after 119 years of existence, things are finally starting to happen here. worth a gander, though still preposterously pompous (as most things hamptons are).

  • Guild Hall


    Art Gallery

    hit and miss, but there is some money supporting the space, so it's worth checking their listings. sometimes there's a talk, other times a performance.

  • Pollock-Krasner House


    Art Gallery

    both the surprisingly tiny house and even smaller studio are worth spending much time in. i loved walking around the grounds but i also suggest a guided tour.

  • Nick & Toni's



    if you want to run into alec baldwin, then hang around, kid.

  • Bostwick's Chowder House



    unfussy roadhouse that doubles as a lobster joint. i'm a fan of their rolls, as well as their whole lobster specials. outdoor seating or fun dining area inside.

  • Balsam Farms


    Farmer's Market

    a very solid farm stand / mini-farmer's market.

  • La Fondita



    it's not bad. quite agreeable, as a matter of fact. from the road, doesn't look like much but the outdoor space out back is where you'll feel the taco love.

  • Jack's Stir Brew Coffee


    Coffee Shop

    in amagansett, this is my favorite place to grab a cup of joe. a genuine oasis. after getting your order, sit outside in the back gardens overlooking the quad.

  • Mary's Marvelous



    coffee and doughnuts. egg sammiches and bagels. you get the drill.

  • The Lobster Roll Restaurant



    when you see the roadside sign for "LUNCH," that's where summer and montauk begins. pricey and touristy but you know that already. part of the magic of montauk.

  • Harvest on Fort Pond



    friends with kids love to eat here. outdoor dining better than indoor, which tends to feel too uptight. portions are often HUGE: two people can share an entrée.

  • Zum Schneider MTK



    so i have a weakness for german food but i'm not stupid. it's good for breakfast, brunch or lunch... hearty farmer food with beer, but inappropriate for dinner!

  • Shagwong Restaurant



    don't eat here. just drink. that's what the stones did when staying at the memory motel or squatting at warhol's place in montauk. one day, it will be gone.

  • Cavett's Cove


    Outdoors & Recreation

    hidden surf oasis accessible via low tide by hiking east of trailer park or bushwacking past tick hall (dick cavett's $62M home). public beach, 50s malibu vibe.

  • Crow's Nest



    sunset cocktails are pretty much the only reason to go here. another spot that doesn't look like much at first glance but lovely gardens out back. gets CROWDED.

  • Duryea's Lobster Deck & Seafood Market



    it was sold last year, so i have no idea how the new ownership is going to fuck it up. i loved the lo-fi, low-rent lobster rolls here... who knows what's next?

Christian Svanes Kolding

Christian Svanes Kolding