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  • I liked it better when it was called Christiania.

    for a dane like me, there are few reasons to visit norway's capital, but if you have to go, then you have to go. thus, there's NO reason why you can't enjoy it.

    • Oct 2019
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  • Ekebergparken



    locals take the tram for an uphill ride to the southeast part of the city to experience outdoor art, great views, fresh air, while close to other fun options.

  • Ekebergrestauranten



    the term "funkis" is often bandied about in oslo for they are proud of their "functionalist" architecture. this restaurant in the sculpture park is all that.

  • Maaemo



    haute cuisine norwegian style. a splurge but still not as expensive as places like noma...

  • Oslo Mekaniske Verksted



    located in grønland, a fun and excessively cosy place to have refreshments! outdoor seating, they're cool with bringing your own food with you - or order in!

  • Operahuset


    Opera House

    a jewel in the city that's really worth visiting, if, for no other reason than to sit on the roof and take in the view. or take in a production (like a local)!

  • Astrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne Kunst


    Art Museum

    oslo's foray towards modern art world credibility took a huge step with this museum, designed by renzo piano. norwegian artists + usual stable of global stars.

  • Bygdøy Ferry


    Boat / Ferry

    imagine yourself saying "i am on a boat!" your dreams can come true if you saunter down to the ferry. a lovely ride across the way to splendid bygdøy.

  • Grand Café



    all scandinavian capitals have their grand cafés. think of wes anderson's grand budapest hotel, art nouveau, the dream of unfaded opulence. thus, the grand.

  • Klosteret



    lovely cellar dining beneath arched brick ceiling, illuminated by 100s of candles; and its to sounds of gregorian chants? A+ wine list. cafe laundromat = planB.

  • Fuglen


    Coffee Shop

    a much more cosy and comfortable place to savor one's coffee rather than that wendelboe place. an excellent café by day, a decent bar by night.

  • Tronsmo Bøker & Tegneserier



    oslo denizens hold this bookstore in very high regard, for its collection of art photography books, as well as a basement full of comic books.

  • Kunstnernes Hus


    Art Gallery

    when the weather outside is not great, which is frequent in oslo, then here's a good plan B. programming includes lectures, debates, film screenings and events.

  • Tim Wendelboe


    Coffee Shop

    popular amongst my friends but i think it's rather obsessed with the spectacle. exceedingly good coffee in a cool neighborhood, if you can handle the pomposity.

  • Frognerparken



    i have been going since i was a baby. by here, i mean both the park and the impressive vigelandsanlegget - featuring sculptures by beloved gustav vigeland.

  • Holmenkollbakken



    ski-jumping is a national pastime, a tradition that has somehow endured. take the elevator to the launch platform, and perhaps you'll see why. spectacular view.

  • Frognerseteren Restaurant



    come for the view and hunting lodge vibe and a mid-afternoon glass of wine, patisserie and coffee... they do have elk sandwiches, fyi. tasty but a bit touristy.

Christian Svanes Kolding

Christian Svanes Kolding