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  • Venice: The Slum By The Sea (2014)

    the oil derricks, gamblers & bohemians have all been pushed aside in the name of progress, but venice abides. don't know when we'll be back, but we'll be back.

    • Feb 2017
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  • Venice Canals



    the town's raison d'etre. from the 60s through the early 80s, the canals were a murky and fetid waterway, dangerous at night. now, venice is a pampered oasis.

  • French Market Café


    Coffee Shop

    though it's hardly scenic, the market is a wonderfully laid-back spot to grab breakfast and coffee. sensible portions, served with leisurely-paced aloofness.

  • Venice Walk Streets



    amongst best secrets of venice: 4 pedestrian-only back alleys bisect lovely gardens, bungalows & villas. incl. nowita pl, marco pl, amoroso pl, & crescent pl.

  • Salt Air



    on a stretch of abbot kinney that's undergone much change, here's a recent addition that brings creative comfort food and quality. try the bouillabaisse.

  • GTA (Gjelina Take Away)



    if it's a matter of taking your coffee to go, i prefer GjelinaTA to intelligentsia and abbot's habit (both nearby). sandwiches and pastries are also lovely.

  • Huset


    Gift Shop

    hesitate to include huset. decent array of scandinavian design goods but appallingly overpriced. thus, i'd buy a mug, have it filled at GTA, then go for a walk!

  • Joe's Restaurant


    New American

    underrated and often overlooked. the prix fixe lunch is wonderful, while in the evenings, i prefer to stop by the bar for a proper cocktail (skip the dinner).

  • Note

    the OFFICE OF CHARLES AND RAY EAMES: located at the intersection of hampton drive and 901 abbot kinney boulevard (once known as washington blvd), this is where the eames office and design space stood for 45 years. breaks my heart that it's more or less gone. video: youtube.com/watch?v=Oe60mCCDP2E

  • Venice Beach Wines


    Deli / Bodega

    not a bodega but an excellent wine bar with outdoor seating. wish it were closer to the sea, but still charming. besides VBW, primotivo + the brig good plan Bs.

  • Superba Snack Bar


    New American

    in the shadow of the relatively new google death star, a popular spot to grab high end comfort food.

  • Hama Sushi



    though nearby shima is also excellent (for sushi), my heart is always with hama. last call ritual features chefs banging pots and knives to "hotel california."

  • Groundwork Coffee


    Coffee Shop

    several groundworks in the area. my favorite is on rose, but here's my usual spot, while nearby, there's one at main st. SAMO. no seating, best as take-away.

  • Small World Books



    the boardwalk is overrun with tourists, yet this humble bookstore is rarely ever packed. the inventory is not exceptional, but in LA, you take what you can get.

  • Venice Breakwater


    Surf Spot

    a good semi-friendly locals surfing spot. off the peaks, there's room for newbies. for the landlubbers, beach affords a quiet respite from boardwalk riffraff.

  • High Rooftop Bar at Hotel Erwin


    Hotel Bar

    sunset cocktails. it's a rooftop bar so there's a poseur element to it, but, in this case, views of mountains and the sea trump the clientele.

Christian Svanes Kolding

Christian Svanes Kolding