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  • Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It

    a guide for out of town friends who are staying at local inns and air bnb's who need inside info on day to day local services.

    • Apr 2014
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  • Cafe Pedlar


    Coffee Shop

    you go here for the coffee, the espresso drinks, perhaps a pastry. sit outside or get it to go to enjoy inside nearby cobble park.

  • Smith Canteen



    go here for the coffee & espresso drinks (though they're a bit weak & sweet). the pastries & sandwiches are great but service is painfully slow & dim-witted.

  • Nunu Chocolates


    Chocolate Shop

    you go here for the coffee (or for an early evening beer or wine). wonderful chocolate made on site. it is sublimely good. one of my favorite hideaway spots.

  • Mazzola Bakery



    go here for the strangely addictive lard bread (chopped sausage baked into the dough) or the baguettes. some italian pastries are great, but others are bland.

  • Stinky Bklyn LLC


    Cheese Shop

    if you need cheese and a baguette, then you'll be happy here. one can get pretty much anything one needs for a picnic (except the wine). a fun place, but pricy.

  • Caputo's Fine Foods



    you go here for the amazing fresh cheeses (the smoked ricotta, fresh mozzarella) and fresh pasta that are made on site. breads and local "italian" dishes too.

  • Court Street Grocers


    Food & Drink

    you could go here for a breakfast, for a hot sandwich and a hot coffee. their shop is small but stocked with fun, less known items.

  • Sahadi's



    one of the best middle eastern markets in the entire city. fresh cheeses, fresh breads, nuts, spices, herbs, fruits, dried fruits, prepared foods. all good.

  • Paisanos Butcher Shop



    meat. sausages. they got it. that's why you go here.

  • Carroll Gardens Fish Market


    Fish Market

    fresh fish and sushi-to-go made daily. a korean husband and wife own and manage the store. quiet but nice. i approve of the quality of the fish.

  • Scotto's Wine Cellar


    Wine Shop

    you go here for the wine and the whisky and the rum and the prosecco and the old guys who run the place and the young sassy women behind the counters.

  • Brooklyn Wine Exchange


    Wine Shop

    here too is where you go for the wine, the sparkling wine, the tastings, the service, and the tiny restaurant in the back that's sometimes hosting an event.

  • Union Market


    Grocery Store

    an above average local chain. decent selection of beers and fresh bread, with a better than average selection of cheeses. fish selection only ok.

  • Whole Foods Market


    Grocery Store

    this whole foods has TOTALLY jumped the shark on the brooklyn hysteria: it must be seen to be believed. good fish, produce & cheese selection. prices are high.

  • BookCourt



    you go here to buy books and cards and literary magazines. they are often hosting readings.

Christian Svanes Kolding

Christian Svanes Kolding