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  • Copenhagen Coffee / Hands down the best to get

    Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark. The big city with oh-so-many options and especially the coffee. Let me take you for a caffeine spin //

    • Jul 2018
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  • Sort kaffe og vinyl



    Black. Coffee. Vinyl. Everything you need is already in the name. Flip the record and get coffee as black as your soul.

  • Bertels Salon



    Sure, get their coffee BUT don't you dare to walk out of there without having tried their cheesecake - maybe even all of them. It's to die for!

  • Paludan Bogcafé



    Paludan is the one place to go to if you miss enjoying coffee and a great book at the same time. It's cute and you can take your deserved break (get cake too!)

  • The Coffee Collective


    Coffee Shop

    Coffee Collective has always been my to-go-to when visiting CPH. Their coffee is amazing and it makes my soul happy. There is literally no excuse not to visit!

  • Next Door Cafe



    You're not really into the new fancy-coffee-world and that's okay! Next Door Cafe is your new friend and they will treat you like one of their own! #gothere

  • CUB Coffee Bar


    Coffee Shop

    CUB. They roast their own coffee in the heart of Copenhagen, and it's oh-my-Gaaadium-good! The baristas all know what they're doing and everything is on point.

  • Wecycle Copenhagen



    The two things Copenhagen stands for: bikes and coffee. Enjoy your beans while admiring the vintage-homemade bikes - you can even rent one!

  • Kaffe


    Coffee Shop

    Istedgade is one of my favorite areas in CPH and this place is the cutest! Be the hipster you always dreamed to be and go to KAFFE to get some coffee.

  • Copenhagen Coffee Lab



    Therese Vadum didn't add a tip for this place yet.

  • Risteriet


    Coffee Shop

    Therese Vadum didn't add a tip for this place yet.

Therese Vadum

Therese Vadum