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  • Los Angeles: (Mostly) East of the 101

    The debate continues amongst Angelenos about where the "Eastside" begins, but these spots east of the 101 Freeway are inarguably hidden gems worth exploring.

    • Feb 2017
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  • Origami Vinyl


    Record Shop

    The free performances hosted here draw in an eclectic crowd of recent transplants and longtime locals. Where I go to get my vinyl fix on.

  • Silver Lake Meadow



    It's quickly become the best place to run and then sunbathe in the city. Weekends become a vibrant cacophony of laughter, shadowed by kites flying overhead.

  • Mini Kabob


    Middle Eastern

    The name is both accurate and a misnomer: the restaurant is indeed tiny (just 3 tables), but the portions are belt-loosening and addictive.

  • Caravan Bookstore



    The last of a dying breed, this dealer of printed matter looks like the set of a Wes Anderson film, but without the preciousness. So much history within awaits!

  • Amir's Garden



    For three decades a man, first by himself, then with the aid of others, turned a small hillside of Griffith Park into a lush oasis to escape the hubbub.

  • Downtown Independent


    Movie Theater

    An indie movie theater hosting smaller films which fall under the radar of most other LA arthouse venues. There's also IPA on tap for those who like to booze.

  • YongSuSan



    My fav Korean BBQ spot is across the street, but those ready to expand their idea of Korean cuisine can explore royal Kaesong tradition from private rooms.

  • Sqirl Kitchen


    New American

    This used to be our secret breakfast spot. The secret is out, so I recommend getting here before 9:30am. Order the "R2" like a long time local.

  • La Casita Mexicana



    Just the thought of the peppers stuffed with meat, dried fruits, walnuts, candied cactus, pecan cream sauce, and pomegranate can make this grown man cry in want

  • Hall of the Crucifixion at Forest Lawn Memorial Park


    Arts & Entertainment

    Atop one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles is this "OMFG, why haven't I been here yet?!" museum housing one of the largest paintings in the world.

  • Chengdu Taste



    People wait up to an hour for the hot-'n-icy sensation of hallucination-inducing Sichuan cuisine here. The Numb-Taste wontons are a thrill ride by the spoonful.

  • Peanut Lake


    Outdoors & Recreation

    Wait, you didn't know there's a "lake" ( really apond) at the top of the open hills of Debs Park? Golden sunsets are the reward for the sweat-inducing hike up.

  • Chichen Itza Restaurant



    Taco trucks and stands are undeniably great, but the longaniza asada yucatan and creamy papadzules here are a reminder homemade style dishes trumps fast food.

  • James Irvine Japanese Garden at the JACC



    This tranquil and picturesque botanical garden is a hidden oasis amongst the concrete canopy of Downtown, a perfect spot to enjoy a box of green tea Pocky at.

  • Heritage Square Museum


    History Museum

    If you've ever dreamt of stepping into a time machine, here's your chance to see Los Angeles as it once was. Walk inside glorious Victorian architecture in awe!