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  • A Walking Tour

    Slip your security detail and enjoy this fine city on foot, or on two wheels.

    • Feb 2017
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  • Gun & Sewing Machine Market



    A delightful little entrance behind the Masjed e Olya Rotbe Andarabi mosque opens up to reveal a gun and sewing machine market, perfect gifts for her and him.

  • Note

    Hire a trusted local guide; move with purpose; maintain good situational awareness; switch routes daily. Attune to when to linger and when to jaunt.

  • Hawala Market



    Where else in the world but the Kabul Hawala (money) market will you find people sitting on and surrounded by piles of cash with nary a security guard in sight

  • Note

    With govt/military convoys, roadblocks and a lack of asphalt Kabul traffic is a bitch. In addition, when the military convoys go past their cell/IED jammers will cut your phone reception. Beat the traffic, go with 2 wheels. Motorbike + driver for $30/half day.

  • Gandamack Guesthouse And Restaurant


    New American

    Sufficiently close to the Iranian Embassy to bask in the shade of it's security, the Gandamack Lodge was once, reputedly, the home to the 4th Mrs Bin Laden.

  • Cinema Park


    Movie Theater

    If Bollywood movies are your thing and you're comfortable with young men jerking off in the dark, then this cinema is for you.

  • Qargha Lake



    Popular place to bring the family, kick-back and enjoy a meal. On the assumption that lightning doesn't strike twice, this area is perfectly safe.

  • Note

    The perfect city jaunt starts at the Ariana Cinema, down Nadir Pashton Road to the river, then along the gold & goods markets that line the Kabul River.

  • Flower Street Cafe



    It's not on Flower Street but it is a cafe, with a decent menu at that. WiFi.

  • Note

    Take in Murad Khane, the old city including the extensive restoration of the neighbourhood by Turquoise Mountain Arts.

  • Carpet Market


    Arts & Crafts

    Chicken Street & Flower Street are useful landmarks if only to know where in the city to avoid. Visitors arrive with dreams, and leave broken and empty.

  • Rumi



    When you've tired of street kebab with ghora, Rumi restaurant serves up a delightful menu of Afghan cuisine. WiFi.

  • Explore

    There's much more to Kabul and Afghanistan than the headlines. It takes a while to acclimatise, but is well worth the effort.

  • Skateistan



    Kabul's foremost/only skatepark, that provides education and mad-tricks to this city's youth. Behind the Olympic Stadium. Exit through the gift shop.

  • Hamid Karzai International Airport (KBL) حامد کرزی نړيوال هوايي ډگر | میدان هوایی بین‌المللی حامد کرزی (میدان هوایی بین‌المللی حامد کرزی)



    Five layers of security, money changers & chai. If your pickup "driver" is holding up a sign with your name on it, then I can guarantee it is not your driver.