Quickly create shareable, printable guides to the cities you love.


The way we share travel tips is disjointed and impersonal. Existing services emphasize the interests of the creator, rather than the recipient — the person actually using the tips. Jauntful changes that.

Jauntful helps you create and share personal printable guides of your favorite travel tips—restaurants, activities, personal notes—anything your friends should know about the cities you love.

Just enter the venues and any personal notes you like, and we’ll create a beautiful guide they can print and carry in their pocket or use on any device.

You’ll receive updates when someone uses your tip and whether or not they liked it, so you can keep up with their travels.

Create a guide for friends vacationing where you used to live, leave neighborhood tips for houseguests, or make sure your parents know where to go when they come to visit. Make sure everyone has a good trip by creating a travel guide just for them.


If you're interested in learning more about Jauntful, or better yet writing about us, send us an email at hello@jauntful.com.



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About our maps and data

Jauntful uses GeoNames to help you find the cities you love and Foursquare to make adding places to your guides quick and easy. We designed beautiful maps thanks to MapBox using data provided by ©OpenStreetMap contributors.

Get in Touch

For ongoing information about Jauntful, please follow @jauntful on Twitter.

Also, feel free to contact us at hello@jauntful.com with service questions, partnership proposals, or media inquiries.