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  • Luxury Walks: East Midtown with Sara

    • Jun 2015
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  • Bryant Park - WC Bryant Statue


    Historic Site

    A walk in Bryant park is the best way to start the day. I enjoy sitting on the cute tables with a book and a delicious ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

  • South Court Classrooms



    Next, we walk into the NYPL, where you'll find photographic exhibitions that'll suit every taste! There's even a movie room to watch documentaries!

  • Grand Central Terminal


    Train Station

    Now we head to Grand Central Terminal, discover its ceilings, and the whispering columns that allow you to whisper to the person across the room! Amazing!

  • Pershing Square Café



    Is time for lunch! Fans (or not!) of the movie "Friends with Benefits" will really enjoy eating at Pershing Square Central Café! Don't miss out on this one!

  • Pod 39 Hotel



    After a great lunch, I like to head over to Pod 39’s colorful rooftop. It's my favorite place to get some cocktails and enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

  • Roosevelt Island Tram (Roosevelt Island Station)



    I recently discovered the Roosevelt Island Tram and I absolutely love it! The walk from Pod 39 to 60th street is definitely worth it! Get ready for this!

  • Serendipity 3



    After your tram ride you should drop by Serendipity 3, another NYC gem found in a popular movie. They have the most delicious Sundaes. Enjoy!

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