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  • Koenji Guide by Ryutaro Seki

    Ryutaro has lived in Koenji for over 30 years. The Shinto priest and DJ has seen the neighborhood transform from quiet suburb to hip hotspot. His picks:

    • Jan 2015
    • 7
  • サバーイ・タイランド


    Before immersing yourself, fill up with some of the best Thai food you'll find in Tokyo at Sabai Thailand.

  • 小杉湯

    Bath House

    Warm up at Kosugiyu, one of Tokyo's last remaining public bath houses. They even have an art gallery! Twitter: @kosugiyu

  • 高円寺米穀店


    At Kinmai you'll find 20 - 25 varieties of rice from all over Japan. They even polish rice right there on the spot. Twitter: @kinmaihonpoo

  • 椿

    Sake Bar

    If you're craving Japanese food head to Tsubaki where you'll find some of the best foods from the Yamagata prefecture. We recommend the soba and sake.

  • Koenji Bakushu Kobo (高円寺麦酒工房)


    Want a tast of Koenji beer? Head to this microbrewery that's also a pub. They usually open in the afternoon. Twitter: @koenjiBEERkobo

  • アムレテロン


    Amleteron is an adorable shop with an emphasis on books and stationary. You'll also find a selection of pottery, or whatever else the owner is into at that time

  • FATZ'S


    Started by long-term Tokyo resident Jon Levin. Enjoy Koenji's take on the Bay Area diner. https://www.facebook.com/fatzsburger

  • 古本酒場コクテイル


    Rest your mind and legs at Koenji Cocktail, a used bookstore and bar. Built within an old Machiya, it's filled not only with books and booze but charm too.

  • 円盤

    Record Shop

    Enban is a one-of-a-kind record shop and music hall. Take note of their calendar as you may want to come back for performances: http://enbanschedule.blogspot.jp