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  • One More Night In Brooklyn

    north of where we live, north of atlantic avenue, and further north to the bridge, then onwards to the navy yard and back again. that's what i'm talking about.

    • Apr 2014
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  • Colonie



    comfortable, but sometimes a bit too precious for its own good. nonetheless, quality fare, elegant drinks, a nice addition to the hood.

  • Iris Cafe



    popular morning spot, with its strict codes of conduct and fashionably bespoke egg sandwiches. prepare for stern looks if you pull out your laptop or iphone.

  • Jack the Horse Tavern



    far from cutting edge, a locals eating establishment for the grown-up crowd. been around for a while. solid fare. a good place to escape the yahoos.

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park



    extends from atlantic ave. all the way through DUMBO. exceedingly lovely refuge that strikes the right balance between nature, art & open spaces for gathering.

  • Gran Eléctrica



    owned by same people behind COLONIE (i.e. folks who ain't bona fide latino). regardless, nicely executed cultural mash-up, blending old & new but a bit pricey.

  • Vinegar Hill House



    civil war era décor and dress code is ridiculously relaxed but the food is serious. fish dishes stand out, as is the basement dining annex by the fireplace.

  • Hillside



    while nearby DUMBO may be filled with tourists, hillside is often relaxed and inviting. the sister venue to vinegar hill house, good for appetizers and drinks.

  • Ganso



    may not rank amongst the very best ramen in town, but i've always been satisfied here. not a place for lingering, but the vibe is friendly and upbeat.

  • Walter's


    New American

    reliable, unspectacular, located next to beautiful fort greene park. one of those brunch spots that knows what it's doing, and that counts for something.

  • Dick & Janes



    limited space inside so don't bring a crowd. high end cocktails. on the verge of becoming a "thing" and when that happens, it'll be over and time to move on.

  • Roman’s



    a very comfortable dining room popular with the creative class who think they're urbane enough to be chill. also popular with chefs getting off their shift.

  • Brooklyn Flea - Fort Greene


    Flea Market

    where the dream of brooklyn was born. the place where cultural mash-ups take on new meaning, from food to every marriage between cultures that one can think of.

  • Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)


    Opera House

    so many things going on here (theater, dance, music, cinema, café). given its ambition and scope, perhaps the most important cultural institution in brooklyn.

  • Nunu Chocolates


    Chocolate Shop

    great coffee, even better hot chocolates. tiny interior with room enough for four, maybe five people to sit with their laptops. nice hangout for a beer as well.

  • Hungry Ghost


    Coffee Shop

    they say they have good coffee. great coffee. that's what they say. i say you need a cup of joe.

Christian Svanes Kolding

Christian Svanes Kolding